• Environment

    Ensure the quality of our products and customer satisfaction through responsible and environmentally friendly processes.

  • Structure

    Modern manufacturing located in Novo Hamburgo, RS - Brazil with over 11,500 sqm of built area, producing high quality leathers.

  • Certificates

    The company is GOLD certified in the category of Corporate Friend of the Environment project ACI - Fundamental Foundation- Novo Hamburgo. It is also certified in the category GOLD LWG (Leather Working Group).

"Quality, innovation and commitment - are some of the factors that moves the CBC Couros
to show up as a positive solution to customers and suppliers."

About Us

Founded on July 1, 1985, began the activities in Novo Hamburgo. Coming later to open a unit in Dois Irmãos - RS. Over time it was transferred to Hamburg New unit for Two Brothers, starting to produce all in one installation.

In 1998, the company acquired the facilities of the old Tannery Wet Blue on Novo Hamburgo, with a building area of over 11,500 m² in an area of 20 Ha.

In 2011 the company was audited and certified for the first time, the LWG (Leather Working Group) and, thus, entitled to export its products to the most demanding markets around the world.

With a select clientele, CBC Leather feel motivated daily to always seek the full satisfaction of our customers.

CBC Couros has been working with processing and trading of leather and synthetic since 1985. Standing out in the market mainly for the diversity of articles that produces. The company was one of the firsts to introduce novel products on the market in the area of shoes and artifacts and since then has been growing and specializing itself.

Located in Novo Hamburgo - RS, is a modern manufacturing unit, whose property has 20 hectares, of which 10,000 square meters are building area.

CBC Couros is a conscious company, committed in causing the minimum impact to the environment. The company has one of the best effluents’ treatment stations of the region.

In order to meet the needs of customers and loyalty them, CBC Leathers offers differentiated products and services, in a relentless pursuit of excellence in business. Quality, innovation and commitment are some of the factors that moves the CBC hides to show a positive solution to customers and suppliers.


Environmental Policy

"Guarantee the quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers! CBC uses responsible and environmentally friendly processes that comply with statutory requirements. We are continuously seeking to improve the use of natural resources; promoting awareness and preservation of the environment." For the management of our environmental policy, environmental indicators regarding energy consumption (electricity, wood and fossil fuels), water consumption, atmospheric emissions and effluent parameters have been set. Environmental audits are periodically performed and after the indicators are evaluated, improvement actions are defined.

Restricted Substances

Through periodical research conducted at its customers, CBC Couros has prepared and keeps a fully updated list of Restricted Substances that establish maximum levels for Chromium IV, Heavy Metals, PCP, TECP & TCP, Azo Dyes, Dimethylfumarate (DMFU), Total Lead and others. Our leather is periodically analyzed at selected and internationally certified laboratories, which ensure compliance with set restricted substance levels. Our policy for restricted substances is extended to our suppliers by requiring that the relevant certificate/affidavit be issued by them.


CBC Couros applies a traceability system to its leathers using a procedure that defines all the necessary controls (origin documentation and production follow-up, marking each skin with a specific code, computerized system records, batch identification and others). These controls make possible to trace each skin processed at the tannery back to its very origin.

Wastermater Treatment Plant

Once being a conscious company, CBC Couros has a perfect waste water treatment, which meets the requirements of environmental agencies altogether.


- Grit and solids removal (screening);

- Primary Treatment;

- Equalization Basin;

- Polymer Addition;

- Primary Settling;

- Biological Treatment;

- Secundary Decanter;

- Tertiary Treatment by Flotation;

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